Mendelson Electric, LLC

Full Home Projects and Commercial Projects:

Renovations, garages, additions, small scale commercial building renovations.

Full Home and Commercial Projects

Wiring and Re-wiring:

Phone, cable and data lines. Total or partial re-wiring for homes, ground fault circuits and outlets.

wiring and rewiring

Kitchen and Bath:

Lighting, heated floors, appliance circuits, receptacle circuits, heaters and exhaust fans.

kitchen and bath


Backup generators and power transfer panels.


Interior Lighting:

Track lights, sconces, chandeliers, recessed lights, along with installation of lighting control systems.

interior lighting


Landscape lighting, security lighting, pools, spas and hot tubs.

outdoor lighting

Behind the scenes:

Correct code violations, install surge protectors, service panel upgrades, and transformers.

behind the scenes

Equipment Installation:

Wiring and installation of flat screen TV's, kitchen appliances, electrical water heaters, smoke detectors, ceiling fans and dedicated computer circuits.

equipment installation

General service calls:

Available for any electrical issues that may arise no matter how large or small. Don't hesitate to call!

general service calls